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The Money Management Program provides bill payer and representative payee services to low-income individuals 55 years and older who lack the ability to effectively manage their own financial affairs. Designed to prevent financial abuse, neglect and exploitation of the elderly, the Money Management Program promotes independent living for individuals on a fixed income who have no one else available or appropriate to assist them.

The goal of the Money Management Program is to prevent financial abuse, neglect and exploitation of adults 55 years of age and older. A sister program of Catholic Charities’ Guardianship Program, the Money Management Program is a less restrictive alternative to entering into a legal guardianship.

How We Help
Case management services are provided to all eligible individuals enrolled in the Money Management Program. Case managers meet with clients regularly to:

  • Assess initial and on-going needs;
  • Review current expenses and establish a budget;
  • Provide information on how to effectively manage financial affairs;
  • Inform them of any benefits, services or insurance they may be entitled to;
  • Assist them with re-applying for benefits, if needed;
  • Pair them with a volunteer bill payer or representative payee who will visit them monthly; and
  • Provide referrals to other agencies for additional support services.


Case managers provide continuous support and guidance to each client, with their best interest in mind.

Through our Bill Payer Service, clients are paired with a trained bill payer who provides one-on-one financial management assistance. Bill payers:

  • Meet with clients once a month to help them sort through mail and organize bills;
  • Set up a list of monthly income and expenses;
  • Write checks from a designated account for client’s signature; and
  • Help balance their checking account.


Bill Payers do not have signature authority, leaving the client in control of their own financial affairs.

The Money Management Program’s Representative Payee Service establishes Catholic Charities as the sole account manager of a client’s federal funds when an individual has been deemed by the distributing federal agency unable to effectively manage their benefits. Representative payees:

  • Meet with clients during the first and third weeks of each month to disburse allotments;
  • Arrange for direct deposit of federal benefit checks; write and sign checks from the account;
  • Pay all bills incurred (within limits);
  • Properly maintain the check register and balance account monthly; and
  • Help budget for personal needs.


Money Management Program case managers, providing representative payee services, have sole signature authority over a client’s federal funds account, ensuring that financial decisions are being made in the client’s best interest.

Who qualifies for our program?
Low-income* adults age 55 and older who live in Bexar County and are struggling to manage their own financial affairs and do not have an available or appropriate family member or friend to assist them.

*Income eligibility based on government poverty guidelines.

Interested in volunteering?
The Money Management Program depends on the help of dedicated volunteers to provide one-on-one financial management assistance to individuals at risk of financial abuse, neglect and exploitation. Volunteers are provided comprehensive trainings on how to best assist clients with their finances, decreasing the chance that they will fall into financial hardship.    

Working closely with Money Management Program case managers, volunteers are given the support they need to ensure that they are confidently providing the assistance that each client needs. Volunteers can choose to help in one of two ways:

  • Bill Payee volunteer - Meet with assigned client in their residence to develop and keep a budget, organize bills, and prepare checks for client's signature. Volunteer can also help with bank reconciliation and reads mail to client (if needed).
  • Representative Payee volunteer – Meet with assigned client in their residence to deliver cash disbursement one to two times per month, discuss client's finances and assist with budgeting. Volunteer Representative Payees do not have signature authority or control over client’s federal funds.


There are many benefits to volunteering with the Money Management Program as a Bill Payee or Representative Payee, including:

  • Flexible volunteer hours;
  • Mileage reimbursement; and
  • Receive on-going training and support from program staff.


For more information on volunteering with the Money Management Program, call Paul Stevens, Volunteer Coordinator, at (210) 222-1294 today!

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