“Doula” in the ancient Greek language means “mothering the mother, a woman caregiver.”

San Antonio Birth Doulas (SABD) was founded in 1999 by Suzanne de Leon and Cait Womack in response to the increasing need for doula services among pregnant women, especially teens and low-income women, who sought to have a healthy delivery experience. Since then, SABD has hosted trainings by certified trainers from DONA International and has trained many, many hundreds of persons who want to serve in the capacity as a doula and help mothers and babies get their lives off to a good start.

The mission of San Antonio Birth Doulas is to provide new and expecting parents with support in the areas of pregnancy, labor, breastfeeding, newborn care, and bonding in an effort to promote happy, healthy families. With a vision of reducing health care disparities for all mothers, San Antonio Birth Doulas provides expert prenatal and childbirth education and support to prepare mothers for a safe and satisfying birthing experience, ultimately promotes parent/infant nurturing and bonding.





Our doulas provide prenatal and childbirth education to prepare mothers and their support persons for the challenges of pregnancy, labor, and birth by offering non-medical physical and emotional support during the labor and birth process. Staff and consultants are experts in childbirth and newborn care, with doulas certified by DONA International, receiving extensive birth and postpartum training. In addition, certified lactation consultants and childbirth educators provide experienced, compassionate care at no cost to our clients, resulting in a 99.5% success rate of babies successfully breastfeeding at birth to one month of age.