Doula Services provide prenatal and childbirth education to prepare mothers and their support persons for the challenges of pregnancy, labor, and birth by offering non-medical physical and emotional support during the labor and birth process.

• Prenatal support: A doula will meet with you and your partner approximately two or three times during your pregnancy to become acquainted, explore and discuss priorities, discuss fears or concerns, help write a birth plan, and prepare for labor and birth. These prenatal visits may be in the home, during doctor or midwife visits, in the SABD office, and/or any other agreed upon location. If you think you may be in labor, you can call your doula 24/7 to help you identify if you are in early or active labor.

• Labor and Birth Support: A Doula will help expectant mothers and their families in a number of ways before, during, and after childbirth. A doula can help expectant mothers by:

• Referring compassionate and understanding doctors and midwives;

• Working with mothers on a birth plan;

• Being present in the early stages of labor at the hospital;

• Providing continuous emotional and physical support during labor and birth;

• Teaching family and/or their partner how to comfort and support mothers during labor;

• Providing support after childbirth on how to cope with the challenges of motherhood; and

• Providing newborn and parenting information about infant and baby/toddler development stages.

Who is Eligible?

Must be one of the following:

• Must be a U.S. citizen or qualified resident.

• Pregnant and/or Parenting at least one child under 36 months of age

• There are no income or insurance requirements to receive services.

All services are FREE OF CHARGE For more information, or to schedule a session contact SABD at 210-222-0988 or email [email protected]

Educational Classes are designed to educate expectant or new parents about birth preparedness, practices, labor, and newborn care. 

See calendar of events for the on-going 6 week courses for childbirth preparation. Topics include: • healthy birth practices • nutrition for pregnancy and postpartum • comfort measures during labor • common interventions • writing a birth plan • continuous support during labor • basic newborn care • breastfeeding and/or bottle feeding • weaning baby from breastfeeding • baby-wearing • car-seat safety • baby wearing classes

Fees:San Antonio Birth Doulas provides its services at no cost to clients. Because SABD is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the agency will accept a monetary donation to the program which you can use as a tax deduction on your income taxes.  Any donation given to SABD is not a fee for service. NOTE:  Please do not offer your doula a tip, gift card or anything of monetary value.  Your doula, educator, and/or lactation support persons receives payment from SABD for providing services to you.  Thank you!

Provides FREE and CONFIDENTIAL pregnancy services including a lab quality urine test, with immediate results.

• Proof of Pregnancy provided

• Parenting Resources

• Options Counseling

• Medical Referrals

• Parenting Support Programs

• By Appointment Only

Project Postpartum is a service that SABD makes available to new mothers because it is important to be a successful and happy parent.

Postpartum doulas help mothers:

• By educating them on the healing process, the importance of nutritious foods and snacks, drinking enough fluids and getting enough rest;

• Recover from childbirth by offering in-home physical assistance during the early weeks and months after birth;

• Make decisions regarding breastfeeding or bottle feeding, general newborn care and how to involve an older sibling in the newborn’s life; and

• Learn proper newborn care, such as cord and circumcision care, car seat and carrier safety, creating safe sleeping environments for baby, appropriate play and stimulation for intellectual and physical development.

• Breastfeeding Services offer support from SABD’s IBCLCs (lactation consultants) during your pregnancy and after you bring your baby home.

SABD offers lactation support and breastfeeding education through classes provided by Lactation Consultants, IBCLC. To schedule a private consultation with an IBCLC please call and leave a detailed message at 608-618-6329.

Provides family assistance such as maternity clothes, diapers, baby clothing, baby furniture, and other baby items.

SABD offers carseat classes and private consultations for families who are pregnant and/or have a child under 36 months of age. No cost convertible carseats are available to those who qualify. Call the office at 210-222-0988 to schedule a private consultation with a Certified Child Passenger Technician.

Meet the Doulas

Read A Review

My newborn, Elliot, & I are very thankful for the comprehensive support from the San Antonio Birth Doula Team. We loved the insightful zoom videos on nutrition from Megan, breastfeeding from Kathy, and babywearing + cloth diapering & how to prep for birth zoom videos from Bethany! We feel very blessed to receive friendly and professional care from Rachel, my main doula, & Susan, my back up doula. I definitely appreciate their help navigating my pregnancy and birth during Covid-19. Rachel did an excellent job assisting me with the Hypnobabies program during my third-trimester pregnancy. Rachel also equipped me with the latest Spinning Babies inspired techniques and comfort measures to try during pregnancy & birth. For instance, she showed me different positions to use during the different stages of the birthing process, shared visualization techniques I could incorporate to ease my mind from any discomfort, and Rachel introduced the tens unit which I happily used throughout the entire birthing process. Overall, I felt very blessed to have a smooth unmedicated birth thanks to the aid of Rachel’s techniques!